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Welcome to the High Calling Podcast / Audio Weblog

Link to the High Calling Podcast from your site!

Our podcast will be an ongoing program that will feature news, interviews, information, and content from many of the ministries we are associated with. We are also looking at doing interactive shows (phone in shows), video and other interesting on-line content.

The fastest way to listen to the Highcalling Podcast is to use the small viewer/player to the left in this window. It is currently showing you the lastest edition plus all those before it scrolling down. You will need for have Adobe Flash Player installed to for this small prograrm to work properly. You should notice that just to the right of each Edition is a small picture of headphones. By clicking on this picture of the headphones, the podcast will begin to download and then play. Downloading is shown in the window as a percentage and the download time will depend on your internet connection speed.

Generally, the Podcast is like a radio show over the internet that you can listen to on-line or download through your web-browser or iTunes (iPod not required). Any one with an internet connected computer can listen to and enjoy our Podcast and it can be optionally loaded on to an iPod or other MP3 player or mobile listening.

We recognise that using the internet in this way may be new for many people, so we have tried to make this as clear and as easy to use as possible. Please let us know how we've done.

For those those looking for more information and help in using the Podcast, please follow the links the links on the left.

If you'd like to listen to right away, please go to Listening On-Line.

If you'd like to subscribe to the podcast (free subscription) so that they download and are available for listening to at some other time or available for uploading to your iPod or other MP3 player, please go to Podcast Subscribing and Playing Insructions. For those that like to know why it is best to subscribe, go to our Why Subscribe page.

Once you've listed to a our podcast, please leave us feedback.

For those familiar with Podcasts, you can subscribe right away using the feed:

Web www.highcalling.ca